When you hit a stressful moment in the day, how do you shift focus?


When you get stressed, it’s helpful to have a chance at pressing a “reset” button. It’s proven that you’ll actually be more productive if you take a 10–15 minute break versus trying to carry on in a stressful state.

Find your state of flow. Have you ever heard of flow? It’s that feeling of being “in the zone” when you do something. Find an activity that is accessible to you in your home or office that can promote this state. Even just talking with coworkers, striking up a game of ping-pong, or doing meditation at your desk can be helpful to reset your mood.

Get away from screens. A large portion of the population has desk jobs. This is not something we humans have adapted to yet. Sitting at a computer all day can lead to bad posture, eye issues, and a sedentary lifestyle. On your lunch break, take this time to step away from your desk. Go for a walk or talk with some co-workers. (We’re social beings after all!). There’s actually been a surprising amount of research done showing that walking in nature is one of the best natural anxiety reducers for us.

Focus on your biology. All of us get stressed for very different reasons. A lot of people try focusing on how to stop the stress when it appears – but does anyone try finding out why the stress appears in the first place? Stress is our body’s natural response to save us during a life and death situation. Unfortunately, we no longer have to worry about lions, and instead have created very different stressors for ourselves in our modern cities and work environments. Try finding the source of your stress. When I get stressed, I like to jot down what I was doing in that moment. Our bodies and minds are very pattern based, so it’s likely you’ll start to see some correlations. Focus on finding the source of your stress, then work on changing your environment or internal patterns to change your “stress habits” and avoid getting stressed in the first place. A lot of people who want to change their habits have used my interactive course to get to the root of their stress and correct it.

Everyone has different ways of turning their stress response off. The ways I reduce stress (going on a walk, doing a short stretch session, spending time with my pets) will be much different than yours. To start yourself on a better track, it’s you that has to make time to do some self-reflection. Figure out the sources of your stress, then act to reduce this anxiety with activities you love. I hope you find your reset button in the middle of a stressful day!

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