Treating OCD with Meditation


OCD is the name given to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that is an anxiety disorder. This is characterized by unwanted thoughts that are uncontrollable and repetitive behavior. People suffering from OCD are not able to resist their irrational behavior leading to OCD. There are many categories of OCD in which people fall such as Washers, Checkers, Sinners, Doubters, counters, arrangers and Hoarders. Such categorization is done on the basis of their particular behavior. Main symptoms include fear of dirt, violent thoughts and extreme focus on moral ideas, panic of losing and superstitions causing a person to think from different perspectives.

There are many recommended treatments of OCD such as medication, family therapy and group therapy. Among all the treatments “meditation” is the most effective and powerful one to attain permanent results. This includes performing YOGA techniques to get rid of unwanted thoughts and extreme anxiety. Such a problem can not be efficiently reduced through medicines as the causes are also natural. Through ritualized behavior one can stop thinking negatively. Meditation involves concentration as well as physical exercises leading to flexibility, strength and feeling of a good human being. By focusing the mind, flow of blood becomes normal and makes one to think positive.

Treating OCD with meditation is a great hope for sufferers who want to get rid of the problem permanently from their life. Through meditation patients learn to overcome with repetitive thoughts and anxiety relief. Different breathing exercises and relaxation techniques are suggested depending upon the category of OCD in which the patient falls. With regular meditation practice one can have a better control over the strong emotions and can fight against OCD. Meditation treatment is very vast as it involves spirituality, prayers, Yoga, exercises and many others. One should have full diagnosis before getting started with any of the meditation technique to attain best possible results. So, go ahead with meditation and achieve great heights.                      

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