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One of our missions to provide in-depth inspections of any brain supplement launched in the market with an aim to save you money and also inform you of any possible side effects.  Today, I’m going to review a brain supplement called Focused In.  I’ll review it’s claimed benefits, ingredients, and the truths about the product from personal use and consumer reviews.


  • Keeps you Focused
  • Helps getting Concentration
  • Boosts Brain Energy
  • Keeps the Brain Calm
  • Boosts Brain Activity
  • Improved Memory
  • No Side Effects
  • Recommended by Physicians


Alpha GPC

An ingredient contained in Focused In famous for its benefits for professional athletes. Alpha – GPC (alpha-hydroxy) works two fold, since it is at the same time a nootropic and sports supplement.

Alpha-GPC is occurs naturally in the body at low doses and can also be found in foods like eggs. In particular, Alpha-GPC is considered the best source of choline.  In the brain, choline plays a key role in cognitive aspects such as the development of memory and learning. Likewise, Alpha-GPC protects neurons and maintains good brain health. So much so that even in the last decade Alpha-GPC has begun to be used increasingly for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline.

In the world of the nootropic, Alpha GPC plays a very important role because it acts synergistically with other nootropics to enhance its effects, giving rise to an amplified improvement of cognitive functions such as memory, concentration, or attention.


Tyrosine is one of the main ingredients of Focused In. The consumption of tyrosine promotes the healthy function of the brain. Tyrosine is required to synthesize the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine (compounds that send chemical signals between the nerve cells). Dopamine helps with the reward system in the brain, implicated by the sensations of pleasure. Norepinephrine, a chemical adrenaline relative, helps you develop new memories. Like adrenaline, it acts as a stimulant and has the ability to increase blood pressure and heart rate.

Tyrosine also has a number of other physiological functions in the body, so consuming it offers other health benefits. It helps a pigment melanin protein that gives color to the skin and provides natural protection against the sun. Tyrosine in your body also affects the thyroid gland (the gland that regulates metabolism and controls cell growth), as well as your pituitary gland, which controls your reproductive health.

Risks and considerations

Consult your doctor before taking tyrosine supplements. Tyrosine increases the risk of migraine headaches, so people who already suffer from migraines should avoid tyrosine supplements, since the effect on the thyroid gland can also pose a health hazard, and people who already have a too active thyroid gland (such as people with Graves disease or hyperthyroidism) may worsen their condition by consuming tyrosine supplements. Supplements also have the potential to affect the digestive tract, causing stomach upset and diarrhea, and low-quality supplements may contain contaminants that negatively affect your health.


Focused In helps boosting your brain memory and cognition because it contains vinpocetine.  The main function of vinpocetine is to improve memory and cognition. It also improves awareness and surveillance. People who suffer from short and long term memory loss can benefit from vinpocetine. That’s exactly what vinpocetine to overcome memory loss? However, increases the dilation of blood vessels, promote blood circulation in the brain and the use of oxygen booster.

Improves cognition

Once again, vinpocetine is excellent in improving blood circulation in the brain, which makes a major contribution in improving cognitive function, especially for older people. Improvement of neuronal plasticity has been reported to enhance spatial memory in animal models, improving cognitive performance in humans.


GABA is the main cerebral inhibitory neurotransmitter, an amino acid derived from glutamic acid, a known nutrient to improve sleep.

GABA reduces stress by eliminating the ex-adrenaline, helping the brain prepare for sleep by activating the receptors of the brain and soothing the nerves.

Anxiety states are related to the hormones adrenaline and cortisol and are characterized by a minimization of GABA.

To regulate anxiety you should balance the sugar in blood by consuming integral carbonidratos of slow action and avoid stimulants.Focused In is Side Effect Free Why not Give it a Try

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa is a herb to improve all body functions.  The brain is a vital organ of our body and is responsible for all the functions of our body, and we, as human beings, have always sought ways to improve our abilities. It is common to see that people today suffer from problems related to memory, learning, reasoning and other cognitive disturbances. However, it does not always have to be so, thanks to the super grass known as Bacopa Monnieri, also known as Brahmi.


Bacopa has always been considered an excellent substance for memory. Bacopa’s frequent consumers experience long-term effects on memory, enhancing their ability to remember information significantly. The only side effects observed with regular consumption have been mild cases of nausea and intestinal distress.

Focused In will boost Your Learning, Memory and Raise your Mood

focused in


It was found that the herb is much more effective, significantly improving the ability of users to learn auditory verbal information. This led researchers to conclude that bacopa helps significantly the cognitive function of the brain that deals with learning. One of the keys to learning better is also being able to withhold information in memory, where Bacopa seems to be very effective.

Raises the mood

Among the main benefits of Focused In in the brain are its effects on energy, concentration and state of mind. Research has indicated that Bacopa supplementation affects various neurotransmitters in the brain, including acetylcholine and serotonin. These neurotransmitters are responsible for moods over one person, so the effects help stabilize the person’s mood. In addition, positive results have been produced when the efficacy of Bacopa was tested in support for spatial memory.

Stress management

The ability to handle stress is the sign of a healthy brain. Along with improving the cognitive function of the brain, a study in the “Diary of Alternative and Complementary medicine” also showed that Bacopa users found themselves in a much happier state of mind. He found that his mood was much more stable. One of the reasons for this is that it decreases the heart rate over time, allowing the body not to overjump. Not only are Bacopa’s frequent consumers less affected by stress, users of this supplement also were able to do better against stress.

Focus and concentration capacity

This supplement has been known to work in the same way as Piracetam when it comes to increasing attention and concentration. This herb has been known to provide a sense of tranquility to the user. Research has shown that users can concentrate for more hours. One of the reasons that the user is able to concentrate better is because the Bacopa also helps in the care of anxiety and nervousness. With Bacopa, you won’t get a stress overload for your daily chores, and therefore you’ll be able to concentrate better for longer periods of time.


With age comes a variety of different things in our cognitive function, memory and much more. For centuries, Bacopa has been used as an excellent herb to help older adults maintain an easier and healthier life. One report suggests that even adults over the age of 65 were able to experience a remarkable impulse in their cognitive abilities after the regular ingestion of this herb.

Huperzine A

One of the most outstanding ingredients of Focused IN is the Huperzine A, a natural alkaloid obtained from the Huperzine A. We will know more about this plant, converted into one of the basic pillars of traditional Chinese medicine.

What is Huperzia A?

Huperzia A is a kind of moss, known as Fir Moss by its form, which contains a biologically active compound known as Huperzine A. Although it has been for the last 20 years when it has become very popular in the world of supplementation, the truth is that, as we have said before, it has always been a very used ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine.

And why has it taken so long to become popular? Because its most outstanding properties were not discovered until very recently. Now we’ll count what they consist of.

Characteristics of Huperzia A

In traditional Chinese medicine, Huperzia was mainly used in the treatment of fevers, inflammation and blood disorders. However, in the 1980s, scientists discovered that their beneficial properties went further and also influenced our brain functions.

Huperzine A has an inhibitory effect on acetylcholinesterase (ache), an enzyme responsible for degrading the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (ACH). Without entering into many details we will say that acetylcholine is of vital importance in the processes of learning, memory and attention. The reduced levels of this neurotransmitter contribute to the cognitive impairment of memory associated with age and neurological diseases.

Therefore, by inhibiting Acetilcolinestesara, huperzine a causes acetylcholine levels to increase in the brain. Increased acetylcholine levels have been shown to help improve short-term memory, concentration, and learning capacity. Features that make it one of the star ingredients of Focused In.

The use of Huperzine A in the treatment of diseases such as Alzheimer’s is currently under investigation. Several studies have shown that Huperzia A can help people with this disease.

Apart from the improvement in cognitive processes, there are other interesting properties of Huperzine A. For example, it is also used in many bodybuilding supplements, as it improves signals between muscle nerves and muscle cells.

Huperzia A also has diuretic properties. In addition, many herbalists believe that it can help with other conditions such as erectile dysfunction and menstruation-related problems.

Recommended By

The official website claims that Focused In has a back of clinically conducted study by a top USA hospital.  But the study documents are not available on the website.

Side Effects

Focused In is not recommended as an alternate to any prescription drugs.  Also under age usage and consumption during pregnancy can cause side effects.

Other than the above stated conditions it is completely safe to use as the ingredients found in it are completely natural.

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